Product Design

Product design involves many aspects of the design processes and includes ergonomics & aesthetics as well as the environment.

So we feel it important to capture the users experience to refine the designs to meet its service conditions cost effectively. We focus strongly on design for manufacture and include production engineering policies right at the start of the process to ensure no wasted design effort and minimising post design changes.

We also consider it important to fully understand the application of the design and to capture the client and end users expectations.

Production processes are selected to match the intended volumes and to achieve the required quality of part.  This drives the design of component parts to suit the selected process.

Cost optimisation is considered at the start of the design process to ensure the product is produced economically and carefully developed to ensure all manufacturing processes are risk and trouble free.

Where the project involves us with design and volume production, the design is discussed with our suppliers to ensure no process problems exist and the design carries no risks.

All aspects of safety, environmental and regulatory requirements of course are considered. We extensively use CAD 3D modelling for visualisation and engineering design, providing photo-realistic images of your product at an early stage.

Invariably, most designs require injection mouldings and with over 30 years experience in plastic component design, we have almost completely eliminated surface sink marks on flat high gloss surfaces.