Welcome to the new PD Components web site

News 7/02/2017

What a fantastic day we had today visiting The Spring Fair 2017!

We are hoping to exhibit at this event and a few others next year with our very own products.

For those of our customers we have helped with new products that you are looking to push into the retail sector we would highly recommended a visit!

News 3/01/2017

Happy New Year to all of our customers old and new!

We have lots of exciting things happening this year and we can't wait to share all of our new and exciting updates with you.

Qlic will be officially launching in the UK within the next few months, and we our hoping to expand our little team here at Chatterley Whitfield further before the end of this year.

Please stay tuned for updates throughout this year.

News 21/12/2016

Well that's a wrap everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us to do business in 2016. We have had such a busy year with the development of our new product Qlic. Lots of new customers have come on board this year and we cant wait to do more business with you all in 2017.

But for now its goodbye from us and we'll see you in 2017!

Watch this space as 2017 is going to be massive!

News 1/12/2016

PD Components are expanding.

We are very pleased to welcome Tony to our team.

Tony is our new warehouse manager and he is just as keen as we are to get stuck in with our new product Qlic!

Please look out for further updates over the coming months.

News 01/11/2016

PD Components are very pleased to announce that we have joined The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

We look forward to making the most of this partnership over the next few months.Staffordshire_Chamber_logo_proud_to_be_a_memberW-01.jpg

News 20/11/2016

We are happy to announce that our new website for Qlic is now LIVE.

Compliance testing is now underway and pre-orders are now being taken ready for delivery in January! 

Checkout our new site and new product range at

Get in early to secure your Qlic order! 

News 17/05/2016

We are happy to announce that manufacturing of Qlic has started.  We hope to start deliveries in September 2016. 

The response to our launch has been truly amazing.

Our new web site is now in work and we will be starting accepting orders in the next few weeks.

Why not view our video on YouTube

and check Facebook - 

or Twitter - 

Please spread the news

News 20.04.2016

We have a new product almost ready to Launch.

This is universal Tablet Stand branded under Qlic which has been specifically developed to provide a stable desktop platform for tablets of all makes and sizes up to 12.5" screens. 

This is ideal in the home or at work and especially good in schools and business where tablets are used frequently.

The stand has tilt adjustment with our own non-loosening joint (pat pending) and provides either cable charging for Android or Apple devices or Qi wireless charging for tablets and smart phones.

If you don't have a Qi compatible device, then we include the charging patch which is attached to the rear of your device.

The stand accepts most makes of tablet with or without portfolio or gel case.  The tablet is retained by non-slip pads and adjustable front tabs.

Manufacture will be started shortly so please check back for news.  If you really like the product, please reply to our facebook link


Or Twitter                   


More info will be posted shortly.

News 15/02/2016

We wish to welcome Katie to our marketing department at PD Components.  Katie will take over from Tracey with Sales and Business Development.

Katie comes with new ideas and a fresh approach and we are quite excited to work with her. 

You may receive a call from her at some point so please take the opportunity to congratulate her on her appointment and please feel free to ask her about our services or drop Katie an email at

We would like this opportunity to thank Tracey for all her efforts and wish her all the best for the future. 

We are expanding our business activities so please watch this space for future news and updates.

News 31/07/14

We are pleased to report that we are exhibiting at the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena on the 22nd/23rd October 2014, we hope to see you there. 

If you require tickets please let us know.

News 20/05/2014

We have started a new Marketing Department at PD Components and we would like to welcome Tracy to our team.

You may receive a call from her at some point so please take the opportunity to congratulate her on her appointment and feel free to ask about our services.

Alternatively, send Tracy an email at

News 11/04/2014

We have a policy of on-going R&D into product design and components.  Much of this work is cosmetic but we also research into manufacturing processes.

We are happy to advise we can minimise the surface sink on flat gloss surfaces without loss of strength or stability.  Its early days yet and trials are still underway but it all looks encouraging.

News 15/03/2014 

It has taken some time to complete the content in our new web site.  This work is still on-going so we hope you like what you see so far. 

We would welcome any comments you have via our Contact us page or simply email us at subject feedback.

News 30/10/2013

We are happy to announce a major change in our business.

We have merged our two long standing businesses Production Designs Ltd. and PD Components Ltd into one comprehensive company. 

Production Designs was established in 1989 and has performed many successful design projects over the years.

We formed PD Components in 2003 to manufacture our designs and to source manufacturing for our customers designs.

In 2004 we started sourcing through Europe primarily Germany, France and Italy.

Later in 2005 we investigated Taiwan and found many companies offering really high standards of manufacture.

In 2009 we expanded into mainland China, offering a wide range of low cost and high quality production. 

Since 2003 we have come a long way and weathered many recessions.  Now is the time to combine our successes into one company offering the same activities as the original two.

Please have a browse through our site and send feedback if you have any to subject feedback.

Watch this space for further news to come.