Byo-touch Hand Sanitising System

A hand sanitising system for use in clinical institutions meeting the Hand Hygiene protocols to fight the spread of MRSA and HTI

Originally designed to compliment the Agenia Height Adjustable Basin system, the Byo-touch system addresses the on-going problems with hand hygiene in clinical environments.

We recognised that while height adjustable basins would be of great benefit in certain wards of a hospital particularly disabled and elderly care.

The remainder of the hospital would still use fixed height basins and we adapted our system to meet those needs also. Most systems use a DOC M fitted basin or suite which have certain requirements.

We developed not only a fixed basin system but also the Byo-touch system to help prevent the spread of bacteria from poor hand hygiene practises.

There are many instances where medical staff inadvertently spread bacteria and also visitors to the wards due mainly to contact with a contaminated surface and so spreading the infection.

The hand hygiene protocols are very comprehensive, but the opportunity to shortcut these is very easy.

The Byo-touch system works by controlling the water discharge from the basin. Hidden below the basin, the Byo-touch system provides thermostatically blended hot water or fresh cold water using electronic controls with the added feature of sanitising agent at the end of its cycle.

A user will turn on the water flow which wets the hands and they soap and scrub in the usual way. While this scrubbing process is being carried out the water flow is stopped to conserve water and only restarts when the scrubbing cycle duration is complete.

The water flow resumes for rinsing and a water soluble anti-bacterial agent is injected into the rinse water.

This is a kind to skin agent which has advanced anti-bacterial properties which can remain on the hands for extended periods of time. Unlike alcohol which can damage skin if used frequently, the compound remains active effectively preventing recontamination and sanitising surfaces that are touched.

The system includes a wall mounted reservoir of concentrated agent which is dispensed and diluted automatically. Typical use will require a refill every 2 – 4 weeks.

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