The Agenia basin design addresses a market opportunity for height adjustable wash basins primarily for domestic home use but also suitable for hospital, care home and schools.

It is intended for use by wheel chair users, the elderly or disabled.

The primary goal was to produce a suitable robust and aesthetic product addressing the needs of the disabled having various physical disabilities.

The basin was designed for manufacture at the lowest possible cost to make it available to the less affluent. Installation needed to be simple with minimum disruption to the existing facilities and the unit was designed to fit below existing windows if so required.

Competing products have various costs most starting in excess of £1400. The features on the Agenia basin system have been designed to address physical disability and are included in the basic build at no extra cost.

The basin is height adjustable using an electric actuator lifting or lowering the basin to the desired height and includes automatic water control allowing users with upper body disability to operate the basin from conveniently positioned controls on the front corners of the basin.


Alternatively, the mixer faucet carries touch action water controls on the top face. Both systems provide thermostatically controlled blended water preventing scalding and fresh cold water if required.

The faucet includes water conservation providing a timed duration of flow and automatic rinse function to keep the basin fresh.


Height control pad with memory function and water control touch pad for thermostatically controlled hot water and fresh cold water.

The Agenia basin system is also available as a fixed height unit and includes the advanced water management system.

Both adjustable and fixed basin system is suitable for use with the Byo-touch hand sanitising system.

The units are designed to be hygienic easy clean with no crevices for bacteria to grow. The waste is free running and the basin has been designed to hospital standards.

We include soft illumination with the system to enhance the ambience of your bathroom. Illuminated controls, bowl and foot well lighting assist when using the bathroom at night.

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