There is nothing quite like a good prototype to confirm aesthetics and functionality with a new design.

We can provide outstanding quality prototypes of the design cost effectively and on short lead times.

Prototypes are an essential aid to design.

Together with CAD visualisation renderings, a good quality concept model proves invaluable in determining if the design meets expectations. Early in the design process, a “block” model can be produced which represents the external features prior to engineering of the design.

Using the CAD files, component parts can be accurately replicated, allowing the designer to check each feature and to ensure it is correct and will meet the design requirements.

No matter how carefully a design is checked, there still exists the possibility that something has been missed and a prototype will catch these problems before expensive tooling is produced. They are also useful in tool making and production planning at an early stage.

We provide prototypes using rapid prototyping and traditional model making. However, we prefer structural models using high speed CNC machining from solid billets and fabrication. These use materials to be as close to a production item as possible, providing a usable robust model.

We supply prototypes in many plastics and metals.

Rapid prototypes are popular using SLA for high finishes, SLS for a more robust model. SLA can also be used to produce silicone moulds allowing a small number of parts to be produced using vacuum casting.

Vacuum casting is useful when producing a rubber part such as TPE.

For CNC machined prototypes, we produce in ABS, Polycarbonate, Delrin, Acrylic, PVC, Nylon. For metals, we supply in Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass. Of course, other materials are available.

Many of our clients use these models for pre-production testing which are professionally finished replicating the finished product.

Typical turn-round is 5-8 days.

Prototypes can be expensive and if a high number are needed, we will check the costs and advise you. Sometimes we can produce production standard tooling cheaper than multiple prototypes.