We have sets of completed tools which are available for use. These tool sets are obsolete and available for re-purposing, producing a complete product which might be suitable in the short term.

This offer is ideal for a start-up venture where initial investment is limited or where a new product line is under development with uncertain success.

Such applications are for field trials, market proving and low volume initial production. Of course, the tools can be run for high volume production but in most cases they are single cavity tool sets with a substantial remaining tool life. Most tools have less than 5K shots run to date and a predicted life span of 600K shots.

All tools are fully hardened steel.

The advantage of using these housings are many.

  • Faster to market
  • No design expenditure
  • No tool expenditure
  • Immediately available
  • Small volume production (min 1K sets per batch)

In some cases the tools can be modified at a nominal cost.

Please see the images below to see if any of these established tools would prove useful.

We can provide drawings and specifications showing PCB outlines, fixings and connector positions for the housings on request.

We can of course produce a new design for your product in our usual way, procure tooling and provide manufacturing but this offer provides a cost effective fast track until such time as a bespoke design becomes affordable.

If any of these designs are of interest, please call for details.