Graphic Design

Graphic design is undertaken as a support activity for design projects or as an independent project such as product advertising:

  • GUI                 User Interface, screen menu's, function controls, splash screens
  • Marketing        Media, Flyers, brochures, catalogues.
  • Branding          Product branding, logo design, packaging design, and manuals.
  • Corporate         Logo design, letterheads, stationary, business cards.
  • Presentations    PowerPoint, posters, visualisations, exhibition media.


Screen Design GUI

Screen design is a pictorial representation of each functional screen in a menu driven control system.

Typical applications cover process control systems and systems using a Windows style operating system.

These are typically used in industrial and consumer products.  The example shown is used in our Energy Management System.

The design of screens can be linked such that each command function key actually replicates the command and moves to the next function screen for more options.

With such complex systems, it is important to maintain a clear and easy to use system, to prevent the user becoming lost in the process.



 Poster Work  

With each product development, graphic content is sometimes needed to promote the new product.  This might be for internal use, posters for exhibition purposes, flyers or images and illustrations for specifications or manuals.

Using CAD generated visualisations, these can be added to documentation to present the work professionally. 

Decals Logo Design, Corporate Identity & Business cards 

Decal design and logo artworks can be produced to suit an individual product or complete corporate branding.

We can prepare stationary artworks as shown below.  These can also be used within product packaging design to maximise external advertising.

      Logo25.jpg                    irridian_logo.jpg        CPN_Logo.jpg        

agenia_logo.jpg          xcelsis.jpg              U-Scope_logo.jpg       Stafford_Instruments_logo.jpg         Filescan_Logo.gif        filescanbc.jpg     Thermowatch_logo_2a.jpg