We design and manufacture a wide range of moulded components for most industries. 

Which ever the application, high quality and low cost with short lead times is assured.

Injection moulding is the most popular but we also offer rotational mouldings, blow mouldings, vacuum and high pressure forming.

We have a number of approved factories and toolmakers specialising in high quality technical mouldings to tight tolerances.

Depending on the design requirements, we can offer decorative finishes, surface effects and printing.

The sizes we can supply range from the very small such as a 2mm LED lens to much larger mouldings such as a vehicle bumper or TV shell.

We also provide rugged moulded parts for severe service.  We are often asked for mouldings and housings that can be submersible or withstand extremes of heat or cold.

We source components globally but Far Eastern supply has always been renowned for low cost components now matched with high quality, supplying many Blue Chip companies.

With a proven track record we can source plastic parts quickly and efficiently, with short lead times around 20 - 30 days and outstanding quality.

Lead time for moulding tools are nominally 30 days (subject to complexity) with volume manufacture within 10 days of approval. For lower volumes, vacuum and pressure forming offer a low cost alternative.